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‘Game of Thrones’ actor who shot the dragon: I’m not too popular right now

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May thine aime be true Image: HBO Ser Bronn of the Blackwater, sellsword supreme, Tyrion's champion, Kingslayer saver, possible Dragonslayer, soon-to-be lord of the most lit castle in Westeros and the closest thing Game of Thrones has to Han Solo, is not very popular at the moment. (As a Lannister I am struggling to understand why, but your mileage may vary.) Jerome Flynn, the wolfish actor who plays the king of the mercenaries, told HBO's Making Game of Thrones that ever since he shot that contemptible lizard out of the sky in "The Spoils of War," he's not exactly being [...]

Judge Judy decides a case in seconds after an excited dog recognizes its owner

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The love and loyalty between a pet and its owner is like no other, and thankfully, Judge Judy knows it. On a super emotional episode of Judge Judy a dog owner fought to get his lost dog back from a woman who claimed that she bought the dog legally from someone on the street, implying the dog is rightfully hers. After Judge Judy ordered the dog to be brought into the courtroom and placed on the floor, it became obvious who the dog's real owner was. The tearful reunion between the pup and the man was all Judge Judy needed [...]

You can get emotional about ‘Game of Thrones.’ Just know HBO is listening.

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Image: hbo People went "crazy" over the season seven premiere of HBO's Game of Thrones. Or so they say. "Crazy" accounted for 8.9 percent of all emotional reactions (ERs) during the first episode, and "crazy" ERs spiked during singer Ed Sheeran's cameo, driving 4.8 percent of all ERs. SEE ALSO: This GIF is every 'Game of Thrones' fan right now What are ERs, and why does any of this matter? Well, if you were the producer of Game of Thrones, you looked at this data to evaluate how the show resonated and determined what to promote across social media over [...]