An animal shelter turned a case of a chewed-up stuffed animal into an Instagram ‘Law and Order’

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Like a pet version of Law and Order, an animal shelter in Wisconsin is trying to settle a case involving a suspicious doggo and his stuffed animal companion.

Hank the dog at the Fox Valley Humane Association has a best friend. And that best friend happens to be a stuffed animal named Fuzzy Purple Hippo, pictured together below.

Well, they were best friends and all until the Hank (allegedly) ripped apart his best hippo friend.

The people at the shelter tried to question Hank on why he did it, but he just remained tightlipped.

Since Hank didn’t admit to the crime, the animal shelter decided to play out the whole case over its suspense-filled Instagram account, so we can all find out if Hank is innocent or guilty.

First, Fuzzy Purple Hippo needed some emergency medical attention.

Then, Fuzzy Purple Hippo had an extended convalescence.

Fox Valley Human Association tried to get to the bottom of the affair by giving Hank the third degree.

Fuzzy Purple Hippo then received some mental wellness guidance from a therapist, and explored its relationship with Hank.

Hank lawyers up.

The shelter left us on this momentous cliffhanger of Hank the dog meeting with his lawyer, leaving us biting our nails as we await the results of the trial.

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