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Whether you run a small business or are just working on a great side hustle, maintaining an exceptional online presence is crucial. Carving out time for online courses may seem like the last thing on your mind, but the more you know, the more youll be able to do.

One University of Washington study found that 87 percent of respondents attributed improvement in their employment situation to their participation in an online course.

These five courses can help any entrepreneur or small business owner develop their skills in topics like SEO, leadership, digital marketing, and more.

License to launch


Once you have your million-dollar idea, youll need to devise a practical business model that makes your goals achievable. This course is designed to provide guidance on the events that occur in the first stages of launching your startup. Learn when to pull the trigger and fully commit to your idea, how to create an effective launch strategy, which key players need to be on your team, and more. Start to get serious about the idea youve been sitting on and sign up here.

Become socially active


Learn how to develop and execute your social strategy effectively using social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more. Specifically designed for entrepreneurs and others with a business need for social media, this recently updated version of the course also includes new modules that teach you how to automate posts and create better customer service using social. Enroll here to start connecting with your customers where they live.

Write with a purpose


Online writing seems easy, but actually getting readers to take action is a special skill. This course focuses on how to make copy more persuasive and SEO-friendly so youre more likely to see results. Enroll here to learn pro-tips for copywriters.

Get familiar with SEO


Successful companies ensure their content is easily accessible to those searching Google by fluently speaking the SEO language of the online world. Get a crash course in the art of SEO and learn how the 13 SEO factors affect your websites popularity. Enroll here to speak the language of web search fluently.

Go viral


Proficiency in SEO is imperative, but its not everything. Whether youre just starting out or frustrated with low readership, this course will share how going beyond SEO optimization is necessary in order to generate more online traffic and increase exposure. Learn how drive readers to your page by enrolling in the course here.

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