Dude smoking a cigarette at a gas station gets a rude awakening

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If there’s anywhere you shouldn’t smoke, it’s at a gas station. 

A dude enjoying a cigarette at his car at a gas station in Sofia, Bulgaria received a healthy dose of instant karma when he apparently refused to extinguish his butt when asked. 

In the clip, the young man can be seen smoking next to his car and briefly arguing with someone off camera. Then, the gas station attendant slowly approaches the pump and calmly removes a fire extinguisher from its holder. Without warning, he then douses the man at the pump with foam. 

The man’s car door was open during the dousing, so his interior was completely covered with foam. It was so bad that the passengers in the vehicle were forced to exit the car. 

We’re gonna guess that he’ll never do that agin.

Also, check out the man calmly pumping gas at the pump directly next to the smoking man, acting as if there wasn’t a huge scene going down just a few feet away. 


Read more: http://mashable.com/2017/10/03/smoking-gas-station-fire-extinguisher-video/

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