Flower girl’s extremely relatable provides the perfect opportunity for a Photoshop battle

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You can always rely on kids to express how they really feel. As a result of them showing off their true character, they are the perfect candidate for Photoshop battles. 

Complete same, little girl.

It didn’t take Reddit long before coming up with epic Photoshop battles for this flower girl face-palming reaction at a wedding and they do not disappoint.

Steve Harvey made a terrible mistake again. 

Image: MrTechnohawk

Zoom in for a hidden surprise. 

Image: jwaterworth

(Spoiler Alert: Patrick is on the table.)

She agrees with General Kelly.

By ironbruin

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary is crying right now. 

By starrybubble

A new, limited edition Frank Ocean album.

By neversince95

A horror story in the making.

Image: mobadu

Where’s Waldo? More like where’s flower girl?

Image: Unicorn_Poo

In one of the most clever contributions, the flower girl reminded Redditor mandal0re of Patrick Steward’s Star Trek character Picard’s famous face-palm scene.Theyevenwent a step further in photoshopping him in the original image.

Image: giphy

Image: mandal0re 

You can check out the complete thread on Reddit

Read more: http://mashable.com/2017/09/19/flower-girl-photoshop-battle/

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