Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling can’t stop giggling in this interview

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Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling have been doing a lot of interviews lately to promote their new film Blade Runner 2049 but this might be the best one yet.

The pair went on the British morning show This Morning and the interviewer Alison Hammond had them in stitches. Mind you, they had her in stitches as well.

There’s a lot of uproarious laughter, and Gosling turns to booze to steady himself. He also pretends to storm off at one point, and drops a pretend microphone. However, dropping his imaginary mic doesn’t stop him trying to harmonise with Harrison Ford.

They manage to talk about the film a little, but they’ve been doing so much of that recently it’s nice to see them relax and turn into big kids, right down to the affectionate teasing.

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