If your flight was delayed because it smelled like pee, you’d be pissed too

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Flying American Airlines? Urine trouble.

Dana Milbank, a Washington Post writer and unhappy American Airlines customer, recently gave his Twitter followers live updates as his flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Washington Dulles International Airport was delayed because it, uh, smelled like … pee.

Just normal aircraft things, you know how it is. #2017

On Sunday, Milbank shared on Twitter that his family’s flight had been delayed for hours because the plane “smells like urine.” He posted a photograph of his children resting on the floor of the airport exhausted after deplaning a 14-hour flight from Australia and expressed some challenges faced with rebooking.

After two and a half hours, Milbank said American promised passengers they would receive another “urine-free plane” to board … but don’t think for a second that this disgusting inconvenience went without compensation. No way, passengers urine luck! As Milbank explained, individually wrapped Sarah Lee pound cakes were offered as consolation. Milbank also told Mashable that passengers were given Doritos, water, and cans of apple juice to add to their feast. So nice!

Once the new plane was located, the issue was apparently finding someone to fly the significantly delayed flight, and according to the airline, the flight didn’t take off until almost 5 hours after its original departure time.

“Flight 2645 from LAX to Dulles on July 9, was delayed due to a cabin cleanliness issue,” a spokesperson from American Airlines told Mashable. “We brought in a new aircraft and the flight departed approximately 4.5 hours late. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience.”

American Airlines recently made headlines for deciding to ditch those entertaining seatback screens and cut legroom (as if it was oh so spacious before). And just like United, which violently removed a passenger from an overbooked flight and recently took a seat from a 2-year-old, American employees have also gotten into disagreements with passengers in the past.

But has the world of airline travel finally reached peak disgust with this urine-smelling plane? One can only hope.

When looking back at the incident, Milbank told Mashable, “It was in the grand scheme of things a wee little scandal but I’m glad it leaked.”


Read more: http://mashable.com/2017/07/10/american-airlines-urine-delay/

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