If you’ve ever dreamed of working in finance, this online course could help

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Its hard to land a good job on Wall Street. You have to dress smart, act super confident, and watch the movie Wall Street over and over again. You also have to know so much about finance that itll make your head spin.

Fortunately, the Wall Street Training Course Bundle will teach you what you need to know to get an awesome job on Wall Street. Whether youre a financial whiz kid or a retail employee living in your mothers basement, this amazing bundle is your ticket to landing the position you want. Check out the included courses:

Basic & Fundamental Concepts: Accounting & Beginner Finance Course Package

Have you ever noticed that accountants speak a made-up language called Accountish? This in-depth package of five lessons will make you fluent in Accountish.

Youll learn all about the accounting thats used in financial filings, statements, summaries, and trading analyses. Youll also learn how to explore financial ratios, master general finance terminology, calculate returns, and measure risk.

Core Fundamental Concepts: Financial Modeling & Valuation Course Package

Although they may sound similar, financial modeling is totally different from fashion modeling. And with this set of three lessons, youll learn how.

This course covers basic financial modeling and valuation techniques and teaches you how to analyze a companys value and stock with real hands-on examples. Youll even create your own 5-year income statement projection model.

Excel Fundamentals for the Finance Professional Course

Excel is like The Matrix: its very confusing, but if Keanu Reeves can master it, so can you. This 3-hour lesson teaches you how to efficiently manipulate data in Excel like a spreadsheet ninja.

Youll learn all the important Excel functions and tools for math, finance, logic, dates, and times. Youll even learn how to write advanced formulas like IF VALUE of bundle > PRICELESS, THEN bundle = must buy.

The Wall Street Training Course Bundle normally costs $650, but you can get it for just $89, a savings of 86 percent.Buy it here.

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