John Kelly looked so distraught during Trump’s ‘rocket man’ speech, and Twitter was like ‘same’

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It's as if he's thinking, 'What have we done?!'
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To say John Kelly has an intense listening face would be a severe understatement.

If you don’t believe us, please refer to photographs of the current White House chief of staff taken during President Donald Trump’s controversial speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.

After pictures of Kelly sitting in the audience looking like Trump’s words might just cause him to have an emotional breakdown began circulating online, Twitter users saw the meme potential and quickly pounced.

At the UN, Trump basically talked about parts of the world going to hell. He nodded to a future pull-out of the Iran Deal, called Kim Jong-un “Rocket Man,” and threatened to destroy North Korea. An Associated Press photographer caught Kelly reacting during the speech, and it really looks like he went through some feels.

He touched his brows, clasped his hands into a fist, and rested his head in them — as one occasionally does when dealing with an insane amount of stress or sorrow. According to the Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale, the facepalm shot was taken when Trump called North Korea “a band of criminals.”

Many, who were apparently making similar expressions while listening to Trump, called out Kelly’s body language and meme’d away.

Though many saw Kelly’s expression as the terrified face of someone who was just reminded Trump is president, apparently that’s just how the dude listens.

Kelly has been caught on several occasions — including Trump’s bizarre Charlottesville press conference — looking like he hates his job and is about to cry. Though, to be fair, he could suffer from some sort of variation of Resting Bitch Face — which from here on out should be referred to as Resting Kelly Face™. 

Still, the two shots taken during Trump’s UN speech seem to have hit a national nerve. Whether Kelly is expressing his inner sorrow or just intently listening, there’s no denying he looks especially unimpressed whenever Trump’s in the room …

Hmmmmmm …

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