Marijuana company plans to build a ganja paradise in middle of nowhere California

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A stoner hotspot is in the works in California.
Image: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Looks like there’ll soon be a Vegas-like destination in a remote part of California, designed just for pot lovers.

American Green Inc., a marijuana tech-based firm and self proclaimed “seed to sale” innovator from Arizona just bought a small California town called Nipton last Thursday. Yes, you read that right: a whole town.

According to a report from Business Insider, the company coughed up around $5 million for the small town that spans 120 acres of land.

Located on the Nevada border, about three hours away from Los Angeles, the town currently houses a small hotel, a solar farm, and a general store. But American Green has other plans for the scantly populated town of six.

According to the report, initially the company plans to tap into the underground lake Nipton sits on to harvest the fresh water, creating cannabis-infused water to be distributed throughout California. Last year, California passed the bill to legalize recreational use of marijuana. However, it’s still illegal under the federal law.

A consultant working with American Green, Stephen Shearin, told Business Insider that the company aims to “create a community that is accepting and understanding” of the usage of marijuana.

Besides the water, the company’s long-term plans with Nipton include building a 100 percent energy-independent town and a “first-of-its-kind” green tourism destination where visitors can enjoy mineral baths, take a walk in marijuana farms, and basically create a one-stop pot paradise.

CNN reported that American Green has established an 18-month timeline and $2.5 million in investment for the development.

But in the meantime, according to Shearin, the company has already decided to rename the local general store to “The Apothecary.”


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