Most successful startups have cracked the code on growth hacking it’s time you did too

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Most successful startups have cracked the code on growth hacking — it's time you did too.
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Any young company claiming to be the next Apple or Amazon has its work cut out for it. But even those mega-giants of the tech world began in someones garage andwith the help of clever marketinggrew to what they are today. That, boys and girls, is growth hacking.

Growth hacking is all about scale. Growth hackers are known for finding new, out-of-the-box strategies for acquiring new users and fast. You can learn to harness the power of digital marketing to grow your business to those great heights by discovering all that the Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing Masterclass has to offer.

This expert-led course packs 118 lectures into an easy-to-follow curriculum, covering key topics like persona development, target marketing interviewing, and buying center analysis. And while that may not sound super thrilling, the courses keep students engaged and informed without overwhelming them with stats.

Youll learn how to use lean analytics, digital conversion funnels, and other tactics to keep track of whats working in your business, and what needs to be improved. Some courses youll have access to include:

  • New for 2017: The Evolving Culture of Growth Hacking

  • Learn to Think Lean, Use Small Tests and Respond to Data

  • Learn to Calculate and Use Lifetime Customer Value

  • Viral Marketing through Public Relations

  • Go from Zero to Hero with Email Marketing

Usually, this course would cost $199 if purchased anywhere else. But enroll today and youll get this digital marketing education for only $15.

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