South Korea Has A New President, But His Hot Bodyguard Is Stealing The Show

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After a year-long scandal surrounding South Koreas former president, the country finally swore in their new leader, Moon Jae-in, this week. Moon represents a turning point for the country whose government was embroiled in a high-profile corruption scandal.

And thats all well and good, but theres someone in the new presidents camp who is causing a different type of scandal.

His name is Choi Young-jae, according to the Korea Times, but you may know him on Twitter as the new South Korean presidents hot bodyguard.

Choi is said to be a part of President Moons handsome brigade, a term coined by Korean media and given to the group of apparently good-looking individuals who have been selected to be the attractive public face of the new administration, according to the Korea Times.

Even in the attractive presidential bunch, Chois smoldering good looks have captured the internets heart.

Kim Kyung Hoon / Reuters
President Moon Jae-in reaches to the crowd as his now-famous bodyguard in the background looks as handsome as ever.

Twitter user Elena Yip, who was one of the first people to publicly praise the distractingly handsome bodyguard, even imagined a romantic storyline for Choi that would fit right into passionate Korean drama TV.

The way hes always photographed staring sternly into the crowd makes for the perfect inspiration for fan fiction.

After pictures of Choi went viral this week, South Korean blog did the internet a favor and unleashed even more photosof the now-famous bodyguard.

No one seemed to mind the additional eye-candy, but, sadly, thats all that Choi can ever be for most people. Koreas Special Warfare Command told the Korea Times that Choi is unfortunately married and has two daughters.

Fans of Moons bodyguard will just have to find other ways to get the mans attention.

In addition to protecting one of South Koreas most prized assets, Choi is also doing the world another favor: Hes obliterating the stereotype that Asian men are weak and unattractive.

Thank you, President Moon, for introducing one of your finest protectors to the internet. Our collective thirst thanks you.

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