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Children’s television show is under fire for a brief NSFW easter egg

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It’s not every day you’re forced to shield your child’s eyes while watching children’s television show.  Maya the Bee, a show on Netflix created by Studio 100 Animation and based on a German children’s book, came under fire this week after concerned mothers noticed a crude drawing of a penis in one of the scenes. Nope, this isn’t a debunk-able Disney moment—there are screenshots to prove it.  SEE ALSO: Netflix’s prices are insanely low—enjoy it while you can

This huge course bundle will teach you graphic design and animation

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Image: Pixabay Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. For budding designers, animators, and game developers, the space between wanting the dream job and landing the dream job can sometimes feel too large to overcomeespecially for industry newbies. College courses may prepare you for the high-level fundamentals, but hands-on experience that can fill out a portfolio can be hard to come by. Thats why the Enroll in the Ultimate Design & Animation Bundle now for $29, a massive price reduction from the regular $1,799 cost. Read more: