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IKEA is working on an Apple ARKit furniture app, but this developer just beat them to the punch

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Image: ASHER VOLLMER VIA TWITTER The augmented reality app space is expected to explode this fall thanks to developers using Apple’s ARKit for iOS. But one developer is moving faster than even some of the major brands linked to Apple’s AR platform, having just demonstrated an amazing AR app before IKEA got a chance to launch its own ARKit-powered app. SEE ALSO: Apple’s ARKit will make walking and texting the warmup for the real distracted disasters Asher Vollmer, one of the developers behind the popular mobile game Threes, took to Twitter on Friday to reveal his experiment with ARKit: a […]

Augmented reality could help you learn to dance better

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Augmented reality could help you learn to be a better dancer.Image: Shutterstock / edwardolive While we’ve now had several weeks to get a feel for iOS 11, there’s still one big, unanswered question about the update: augmented reality. Namely, whether or not the apps developers are building using Apple’s ARKit will live up to the hype. And while we’ve seen quite a few impressive demos already, being able to land a SpaceX rocket in your backyard or check out a Tesla Model 3 in your driveway is more of a novelty (albeit a cool one!) than anything approaching useful. SEE […]