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Nostril hair extensions have taken over the internet for all the wrong reasons

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Is it just us or are beauty trends becoming increasingly…bizarre? Gone are the infamous squiggle eyebrows, reversed eyeliner and holographic everything because there seems to be a new, peculiar movement in the vast world of makeup.  SEE ALSO: The new eyebrow trend you hope will die quickly We regret to inform you that nostril hair extensions are now a thing and yes, it looks as gross as it sounds.  If you’re wondering how you can complete this interesting yet disturbing look, take a gander at Instagrammer  @gret_chen-chen masterful creation.  Nose hair extension #nosehair #lashes #extensions #beauty #selfie #eyelashextensions #falselashes #加藤一二三 […]

Maye Musk Elon’s mom becomes CoverGirl at 69

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Maye Musk—a.k.a. Elon’s mom—has just become a CoverGirl at the age of 69.  SEE ALSO: Don’t expect Elon Musk’s mother to leave Earth anytime soon Makeup brand CoverGirl announced that the fashion and beauty model—who’s been in the biz for over five decades—is their newest addition to their “lineup of fierce women leading the charge in breaking boundaries in beauty.”  Musk joins the stunning lineup which features 24-year-old Nura Afia, the brand’s first hijabi ambassador, and 17-year-old James Charles, the first male CoverGirl. Not only that, Musk’ll be joining the ranks of Zendaya, Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift.  […]

Squiggle lips are a thing now … kind of

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Want your mouth to look like the Nickelodeon logo? Amazing. Pick up your favorite tube of lipstick, fire up your FaceTune app, and let’s get to work on your squiggle lips. Squiggle lips arrive fresh on the heels of squiggle brows, the not-really-a-trend-but-definitely-a-thing look that confused the internet earlier this week.  And while many photos of squiggle lips are intended as, well, a big joke (the most prominent one circulating is clearly a FaceTune job), that hasn’t stopped the internet from weighing in. SEE ALSO: Vagina highlighter is yet another product to make women feel bad about their bodies Friends […]