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An 8-bit Harrison Ford hunts for fugitives in this ‘Blade Runner’ recreation

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Ryan Gosling's "I'm in another masterpiece" look.Image: warner bros. There’s something uncanny about the way Warner Bros. is handling critics and press for Blade Runner: 2049. I’ve seen this weirdness before — and reading the tea leaves, I’d say we may very well have a modern classic on our hands here. But there are also reasons to believe the sequel to the sci-fi touchstone is a replicant of the 1982 original: A cult hit that’s a huge with fanboys and film geeks, but severely bores moviegoers and flops at the box office. SEE ALSO: There’s a secret way to predict […]

The 3 things you need to get the most out of the masterpiece that is ‘Blade Runner 2049’

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I like records.Image: Warner Bros. Blade Runner 2049 is a sci-fi symphony. Everything works together, thoughtfully, intricately and beautifully. Story, script, score, characters, ideas, sound design, visuals — oh my stars, those visuals — all in perfect complement, sparking off showers of greatness to blind the sum of these parts. Denis Villeneuve has allowed himself a luxurious 2 hours, 44 minutes to revisit the Ridley Scott cult classic, but not a frame or beat is extraneous or out of place. Even Villeneuve’s constant interface with the 1982 original Blade Runner is harmonious, heartbreaking and additive. My god, I can’t believe […]

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling can’t stop giggling in this interview

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Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling have been doing a lot of interviews lately to promote their new film Blade Runner 2049 but this might be the best one yet. SEE ALSO: Harrison Ford sips scotch and out-jokes Jimmy Fallon The pair went on the British morning show This Morning and the interviewer Alison Hammond had them in stitches. Mind you, they had her in stitches as well. There’s a lot of uproarious laughter, and Gosling turns to booze to steady himself. He also pretends to storm off at one point, and drops a pretend microphone. However, dropping his imaginary mic […]