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How much waste do meal kits actually generate?

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Image: Scott Eisen/Getty Images People who opt into the regimens of self-assembly gourmet meals pushed by the likes of Blue Apron tend to be the kind of conscious consumers who care about how their fish was caught or their vegetables farmed. Most of these companies offer food that lives up to those ideals, but they also deliver something else: lots and lots of tiny plastic bags, freezer packs, and styrofoam that ends up in the trash. SEE ALSO: Sorry, Blue Apron: Amazon is already selling its own meal kits The waste inherent to meal kits has become a frequent topic […]

Amazon is officially taking on Blue Apron with its own meal kits

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Image: Amazon The nightmare scenario that’s dogged Blue Apron’s stock ever since its muted IPO is here: Amazon is trying its hand at selling its own meal kits. An Amazon-branded selection of DIY gourmet dishes with pre-packaged ingredients is already available through the company’s grocery service, AmazonFresh, in certain markets, GeekWire first reported. Rumors that such a service was in the works had sent Blue Apron’s already-struggling stock spiraling more than 10 percent on Monday. As of Tuesday morning, it was down another 4 percent. Amazon’s foray into the category doesn’t exactly come as a surprise; the company previously filed […]