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Towels are essentially boob hammocks for all your underboob sweat needs

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The sweltering summer sweat-fest is upon us. And, for many people among us, that means one thing: underboob sweat. Nice. But, someone’s invented a towel specifically for your underboob sweat and it’s essentially a boob hammock. SEE ALSO: China’s ‘underboob pen challenge’ is the viral meme that won’t let go Erin Robertson invented Ta-Ta Towels after she couldn’t stop sweating while getting ready to go out on a first date. Perfect for getting ready for work or a night out! The struggle against boob sweat is REAL and the #TaTaTowel is the solution! A post shared by @tatatowels on Jul […]

Woman invents ‘fidgetiddies,’ which are fidget spinners for your nipples

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Fidget spinners have been keeping fingers and thumbs very busy lately. But, now it seems another part of one’s anatomy can be used for fidget spinning: Your nipples. The creative individual behind this stroke of genius has dubbed her invention “Fidgetiddies,” which are fidget spinner nipple covers, a.k.a. pasties. SEE ALSO: Someone made a fidget spinner for adults “Hi everyone I have been working on something that absolutely no one asked for,” wrote Fidgetiddies inventor, @caritadepincel, who posted a video of her fabulous creation in action. HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN FIDGETIDDIES manu (@caritadepincel) July 6, 2017 You’ll need […]