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U.S. Army just kicked Chinese drone company DJI out of all official operations

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Image: Alex Segre/REX/Shutterstock The U.S. army just kicked one of the biggest drone makers on the planet out of its barracks, all in the name of security. The maker of the drones in question: China’s DJI (also known as SZ DJI Technology Co Ltd.). SEE ALSO: A man escaped maximum-security prison in South Carolina thanks to a drone An Aug. 2 U.S. Army memo obtained by sUAS News and later verified by Reuters advises that all service members “cease all use, uninstall all DJI applications, remove all batteries/storage media and secure equipment for follow-on direction.” Later, the memo gets more […]

UK drone users get new guidelines as officials try to rein in airport incidents, privacy violations

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Image: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images Operating a drone in the UK just got a little tougher, and safer. On Saturday, the UK government posted new rules governing the use of drones weighing over 250 grams (about half a pound), with input from the Department for Transport, the Civil Aviation Authority, and the Military Aviation Authority. SEE ALSO: Scientists are creating drones that fly in sync with each other The guidelines state that drone users will have to register their devices and undergo safety awareness testing to ensure that they’re aware of UK security, privacy, and safety rules. Part of the impetus […]