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Amazon launches in Singapore with massive 100,000 sq ft Prime Now warehouse

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Take my moneyImage: victoria ho/mashable After years of preparation, Amazon has finally launched its same-day Prime Now delivery service in Singapore. The service brings two-hour, and even one-hour deliveries, for tens of thousands of household items, from eggs and cold beer to diapers and detergent. SEE ALSO: Amazon Prime Day: Amazons not-so-secret plan to rule the retail world To achieve the rapid delivery times, Amazon’s opened its largest Prime Now warehouse to date, at 100,000 square feet of space near the Jurong district. Image: VICTORIA HO/MASHABLE

Stripe strikes a deal with two of China’s biggest mobile payments players

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Alipay and WeChat Pay are coming to Stripe.Image: Getty Images/Mashable Composite Online payments firm Stripe has struck a deal with two of China’s biggest mobile payments providers, effectively opening its clients to a huge, new market. Stripe will now allow the hundreds of millions of users on Alipay and WeChat to pay on its platform. With this deal, retailers who use Stripe to process payments will now be able to welcome Chinese shoppers onboard the majority of whom use the two Chinese platforms when they shop online. Far fewer use credit cards. SEE ALSO: China’s answer to PayPal is coming […]

You can now buy Nikes on Instagram

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Buy Nikes on Instagram.Image: Camp/Epa/REX/Shutterstock You can already buy Nikes on Amazon or using AR. But soon, you may be able to buy them on Instagram too. Nike plans to “seamlessly” offer its sneakers to customers on Instagram, the company said this week. SEE ALSO: The unique thrill of vintage shopping on Instagram Right now, details are unclear of exactly how Nike will use the app to sell shoes, but the new commitment positions the sneaker brand as one of the first major companies to invest its resources in Instagram as a way to sell products directly to consumers. Most […]