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‘It’ actor films creepy PSA about texting and talking during movies

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Stephen King’s It has audiences sufficiently creeped out just from the trailers, and the film’s killer box office performance proves we love to be scared. When Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott) showed up to an opening weekend show at Alamo Drafthouse, he filmed a little PSA about talking and texting during movies; don’t do it, or you’ll float too. SEE ALSO: The striking differences between Stephen King’s ‘It’ and the ’90s mini series Message received, Georgie. Don’t disrupt the movie, or you’ll die. Read more:

Cops ‘completely terrified’ after discovering ‘IT’ balloons on sewer grates

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Even cops are afraid of clowns. Police in Lilitz, Pennsylvania were less than pleased to find a local prankster “promoting” the upcoming release of Stephen King’s novel turned horror flick, IT. In the film, Pennywise the clown lurks around a small Maine town’s sewers, snatching children, and leaving red balloons tied to sewer grates. According to the cops, they discovered a number of red balloons tied to sewer grates in their sleepy, small town on Tuesday. SEE ALSO: Red floating ‘It’ balloons are appearing near drains and we’re fine, you’re fine, everyone’s fine “We give points for creativity, however we […]