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Mark Zuckerberg needs to put on a damn tie

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Zuckerberg in his classic uniform. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Vanity Fair)Image: Getty Images for Vanity Fair Let’s just say it: Mark Zuckerberg dresses horribly, and he should be ashamed every time he appears in public. Here is a man in charge of the world’s most important social network — one that probably ended American democracy as we knew it! — and thanks to a general acceptance of his limp-ass techno-bro privilege, he gets away with wearing the same ugly T-shirt and jeans whenever he steps outside. It’s a uniform that says “I’m better than you,” an astonishing hubris […]

Snapchat is staffing up in cybersecurity as it damn well should

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Image: mashable Snapchat cares about securitywhether it’s keeping CEO Evan Spiegel’s yacht adventures private or its software free from vulnerabilities. They, of course, would also not like to see any of their code ripped off by competitors such as Facebook. Bloomberg connected some dots in a story Friday, highlighting moves that Snap Inc. has made in taking cybersecurity more seriously. SEE ALSO: A flood of (bad) advertising is coming for your Snapchatand that might be ok Notably, Snap Inc. snatched up Strong.Codes, a Swiss startup that specializes in protecting software code from being reverse engineered, a.k.a. copied. The acquisition, according […]

Mark Zuckerberg shares epic photo of a bald eagle because America

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Mark Zuckerberg is one with America.Image: getty images Wildlife lovers dream of capturing an image of a bald eagle in flightlet alone snapping an awesome shot of America’s national bird on the Fourth of July. Well, not a problem for Mark Zuckerberg. SEE ALSO: In search of Facebooks conscience The CEO of Facebook, who presides over a network of more than 2 billion people, is currently on vacation in Alaska with his wife Priscilla Chan, and he just happened to take a gorgeous shot of a bald eagle. He shared the photo on Facebook, of course: Are. You. Serious? Apparently […]