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Ballet dancers bring the streets of Mexico City to life in stunning photographs

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Robles spent two weeks roaming Mexico City for the shots.Image: omar robles At the start of his campaign, President-elect Donald Trump insisted that “when Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best.” Those words, along with many other comments about the people of Mexico and minorities around the world, have shocked many. They’ve also inspired one man to set out and capture the beauty of Mexico and its people on camera. SEE ALSO: Photographer captures stunning photos of dancers in the streets of Cuba New York-based photographer Omar Robles embarked on a 13-day excursion to Mexico City in October, […]

Trump wants a see through border wall so people dodge flying bags of drugs

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U.S.-Mexico border wall on January 25, 2017 i.Image: Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images Donald Trump is convinced that a brand spanking new wall across the border of the United States and Mexico would benefit his country immensely. But before building the wall or even figuring out who’s paying for it, Trump realized it must include one critical design component: transparency. SEE ALSO: Now Trump wants solar panels to pay for the border wall Why would Trump want the wall to be see-though, you might be asking yourself. So we can admire each other’s countries from an appropriate distance? Nah. So border patrol […]