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Epic pictures from the dance party LGBTQ activists threw outside Mike Pence’s house

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LGBTQ activists threw a jubilant dance party outside the Washington, D.C., house of vice-president-elect Mike Pence to protest his anti-LGBT record before his official inauguration. About 200 protesters from WERK for Peace and DisruptJ20 danced their way to Pence’s home wearing tutus, stilettos and spandex. It was a joyful crowd of people of all ages, walking with glow sticks and rainbow flags. SEE ALSO: Mike Pence’s new neighborhood gets plastered with ‘trust women’ signs Pence has a history of supporting oppressive policies against the LGBTQ community. He has called same-sex marriage a sign of “societal collapse” and once called for […]

Hilarious bad lip reading of the inauguration that we wish actually happened

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Bad Lip Reading always knocks it out of the park with its absurd interpretations of what people are saying based on the way their mouths are moving. They’ve made NFL stars sound like children and politicians sound foolish. In other words, they are doing important work. Without missing a beat, Bad Lip Reading has released a new video where it puts hilarious words into the mouths of everyone at the inauguration. Obama calls Trump a creep. Mike Pence swears that he was disappointed the continent of Atlantis had not been found. Hillary Clinton makes muppet noises. This is definitely the […]