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Tesla’s Model 3 uses a phone instead of a key

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Image: tesla This might take a little getting used to. After months and months of anticipation, Elon Musk has finally answered almost all of our questions about the Model 3. But there’s one aspect of the electric car that might take a little more adjustment: there is no key for the Model 3. SEE ALSO: We finally know what the inside of Tesla’s Model 3 looks like, and it’s stunning To be clear, this is not the same as the “keyless” systems, which require some kind of key fob, and it’s not the app-enabled remote starting some automakers offer. No, […]

I drove a Tesla Model 3, and it was pretty damn awesome

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Elon Musk knows it's awesome.Image: Lance Ulanoff/mashable This is how an electric car should feel. Hell, this is how all cars should feel. Those were my initial thoughts after test-driving one of the very first Tesla Model 3 all-electric cars to roll off the assembly line Friday before the company’s big reveal. That exhilarating, yet short-lived experience, started inauspiciously. In fact, I was prepared to be underwhelmed. I mean, it’s just a sedan, right? From a distance, the Tesla Model 3 looks like most other small sedans on the road. SEE ALSO: We finally know what the inside of Tesla’s […]