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An 8-bit Harrison Ford hunts for fugitives in this ‘Blade Runner’ recreation

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Ryan Gosling's "I'm in another masterpiece" look.Image: warner bros. There’s something uncanny about the way Warner Bros. is handling critics and press for Blade Runner: 2049. I’ve seen this weirdness before — and reading the tea leaves, I’d say we may very well have a modern classic on our hands here. But there are also reasons to believe the sequel to the sci-fi touchstone is a replicant of the 1982 original: A cult hit that’s a huge with fanboys and film geeks, but severely bores moviegoers and flops at the box office. SEE ALSO: There’s a secret way to predict […]

The 3 things you need to get the most out of the masterpiece that is ‘Blade Runner 2049’

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I like records.Image: Warner Bros. Blade Runner 2049 is a sci-fi symphony. Everything works together, thoughtfully, intricately and beautifully. Story, script, score, characters, ideas, sound design, visuals — oh my stars, those visuals — all in perfect complement, sparking off showers of greatness to blind the sum of these parts. Denis Villeneuve has allowed himself a luxurious 2 hours, 44 minutes to revisit the Ridley Scott cult classic, but not a frame or beat is extraneous or out of place. Even Villeneuve’s constant interface with the 1982 original Blade Runner is harmonious, heartbreaking and additive. My god, I can’t believe […]