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John Kelly looked so distraught during Trump’s ‘rocket man’ speech, and Twitter was like ‘same’

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It's as if he's thinking, 'What have we done?!'Image: AP/REX/Shutterstock To say John Kelly has an intense listening face would be a severe understatement. If you don’t believe us, please refer to photographs of the current White House chief of staff taken during President Donald Trump’s controversial speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday. After pictures of Kelly sitting in the audience looking like Trump’s words might just cause him to have an emotional breakdown began circulating online, Twitter users saw the meme potential and quickly pounced. SEE ALSO: General Kelly’s face had its own press conference yesterday […]

Trump visited Texas and just HAD to talk about crowd size

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"What a crowd, what a turnout."Image: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images After all these months it’s still unclear whether or not Donald Trump knows he’s not on reality television. Since his inauguration the man has made his obsession with ratings and crowd size very clear, and on Tuesday when he visited Texas for a briefing on Tropical Storm Harvey relief efforts, he just couldn’t help himself from celebrating the really great press that came out of the storm. SEE ALSO: Hey, everyone, please shut up about Melania Trump’s shoes During the trip to Corpus Christi, where Harvey made landfall, and Austin, Texas, […]