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Singapore Airlines goes all Instagram-pretty in its latest inflight safety video

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If you never pay attention during inflight safety videos, perhaps Singapore Airlines’ latest will change that. The new video, which will start showing in flights at the end of the year, showcases plenty of iconic landmarks in the photogenic city, as a voiceover narrates the usual safety guidelines. It does take a bit of a suspended imagination to see how they’ve appropriated landmarks around Singapore for the safety demonstration, though. For example, they used park benches at the Henderson Waves to demonstrate how to brace for impact, and movie seats at the Capitol Theatre, to explain putting away your USB […]

Amazon launches in Singapore with massive 100,000 sq ft Prime Now warehouse

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Take my moneyImage: victoria ho/mashable After years of preparation, Amazon has finally launched its same-day Prime Now delivery service in Singapore. The service brings two-hour, and even one-hour deliveries, for tens of thousands of household items, from eggs and cold beer to diapers and detergent. SEE ALSO: Amazon Prime Day: Amazons not-so-secret plan to rule the retail world To achieve the rapid delivery times, Amazon’s opened its largest Prime Now warehouse to date, at 100,000 square feet of space near the Jurong district. Image: VICTORIA HO/MASHABLE

Feast your eyes on Singapore’s newest airport terminal

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You don’t get to be the world’s best airport for five years running by resting on your laurels. Singapore’s Changi airport just upped its game with its newest terminal, and we got a peek inside ahead of the opening later this year. SEE ALSO: The airports of the future are here Terminal 4’s 225,000 square metre space is decked with high ceilings, allowing natural light to spill in. Image: yvette tan/mashable Image: yvette tan/mashable That kinetic ceiling sculpture moves and rotates. It’s pretty mesmerising. Named Petalclouds, they span some 33 metres each, and there are six of them across the […]