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PayPal salutes the spirit of entrepreneurship

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The world of entrepreneurship is a tough one to crack. You know that to be a successful entrepreneur you must dream big, take risks and be prepared to fail. Countless budding entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality with the help of enablers such as PayPal providing a gateway to receive payments internationally. PayPal has been working to enable hundreds of thousands of local Indian businesses of all sizes to expand their businesses across borders, reach a global network of 192 million active customer accounts in 200 markets, and receive payments faster via PayPal for the goods and services they export. […]

5 ways adopting the mindset of a UX designer can help grow your business

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Business advice can come from all types of sources. But one unconventional way to grow as an entrepreneur: think like a UX designer. As an entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, professor, Amazon best-selling author of Reframe, UX expert with more than 18 years of experience under her belt, and founder and CEO of Motivate Design, Mona Patel understands how to develop high-level concepts to create the ultimate customer experience for business and brands alike. SEE ALSO: 5 ways to overcome the entrepreneurial dilemma with Randi Zuckerberg Patel explains when you adopt the mind of a UX designer, you put yourself in a […]