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Virtual march helps people with disabilities join the Women’s March on Washington

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Image: Vicky LEta/Mashable Activism isn’t always accessible and the Women’s March on Washington is no exception. For people who might not have the physical ability or stamina to join Saturday’s massive public protest, disability activists created the Disability March an online movement that allows people with disabilities and chronic illnesses to participate virtually in the event. SEE ALSO: How to get involved with the Women’s March on Washington if you’re not in D.C. The Disability March organizers invite people living with disabilities to submit their names, photos and a statement on why they want to “march.” The images and text […]

Betterment finally lets customers invest with social responsibility

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Invest responsibly through Betterment.Image: Shutterstock / Billion Photos Socially responsible investing is popular, and Betterment is finally getting in on the action. The roboadvisor is adding a socially responsible investment portfolio for Betterment customers, providing users with a way to easily direct money to companies that have broader goals than just turning profit. Betterment users rely on the company’s roboadvisor technology to manage their savings automatically. The roboadvisor acts like a traditional financial advisor and chooses which stocks and bonds to invest in for the best financial performance based on a variety of factors dictated by users. Like in most […]

Don’t be like Rob Kardashian and try to punish your ex by posting explicit images of her to social media

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Don't do what Rob Kardashian did.Image: Getty Images Rob Kardashian wants revenge on his ex-fiancee, Blac Chyna, and he could go to jail in pursuit of it. Kardashian made that clear Wednesday when he relentlessly posted nude images designed to shame and embarrass Chyna on social media. The pair, who have an infant daughter, are again fighting in public, this time over accusations involving infidelity and betrayal. While nonconsensual porn is terrible no matter who shares it, Kardashian bears a higher level of responsibility given that he used his fame and social media megaphone to exact revenge. By posting the […]