This Millennium Falcon is the largest LEGO set in the galaxy

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She may have done the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, whatever Han Solo thought that meant. But as of October 1, the Millennium Falcon will have broken a more tangible real-world record: largest LEGO set ever. 

The previous version of the LEGO Falcon — the “ultimate collector’s edition” — consisted of a mere (!) 5195 pieces. That put it 727 pieces behind the Taj Mahal, the world’s largest LEGO set until now.

But the new ultimate collector’s Falcon has made some special modifications. It now has a whopping 7,541 bricks — take that, Taj Mahal! — and will set you back $800 when it exits hyperspace and enters stores in a month’s time. (You can pre-order here.)

That may seem a little pricy (you could almost buy a ship for that price, but who’s going to fly it, kid, you?). However considering the previous model sold out and was going for upwards of $6,000 on eBay, this could actually be a pretty sound investment. 

In any case, what you get for your hard-earned credits is two Millennium Falcons in one. 

As you can see from the LEGO designer video above, the ship can be converted from the version seen in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi to the original trilogy version by swapping out the radar dish and a couple of front pieces. 

The new collector’s edition comes with LEGO figures from both The Empire Strikes Back and The Force Awakens — and what the designers call a “little romantic corner” so you can act out all the Leia-Han and Rey-Finn scenes you desire. 

There are also a couple of Porg figures from The Last Jedi, presumably provided so the Chewbacca figure can chow down on them. 

If you can track down one of the new record-breaking Falcons before it flies off shelves, you’ll be getting a box so large it apparently comes with wheels. 

A box like that, however, is certainly not going to allow you to avoid any Imperial entanglements. Good luck getting past the Toys R Us blockade with no questions asked. 

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