This week in apps: Watch sharks on Google Earth, become a faux pilot, and everything else

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The apps have changed again.
Image: lili sams/mashable

It wouldn’t surprise us if you were so caught up in picking the best foods to eat at your Fourth of July party that you lost track of the new apps and updates this week. If that’s the case, there’s no need to worry. We’ve got you covered.

Each week we round up the most important app news along with some of the coolest new and updated apps to help you stay on top of it all. Here’s what caught our eye this week. And if you’re looking for more, be sure to take a look at last week’s roundup.

Enlight Photofox

Everyone wants their photos to be the coolest on the feed. But it’s not always easy to get the look you want with the relatively small array of free options provided on each form of social media. Enlight Photofox is a premium photo editing app, and it’s free! The brand has taken on the idea of making the app free and including features anyone can purchase within it.

If you really want to be serious about your photo editing, you might just want to buck up and shell out. Any subscriber who spends at least $3.99 a month, $19.99 a year, or $39.99 up front will have access to all of Enlight’s features. The optional subscription lets you add photoshop-style layers and graphic elements to your photos.

You can also dive into the “Darkroom”, a subscription-only mode with more filters and the ability to change tonal parameters. So give Enlight Photofox a shot if you’re trying to become the top dog on the photo feed.

Google Earth

Google Earth just graced the world with something we didn’t know we needed. But now that it’s here, we can never go back. This beautiful addition to Google Earth is the live stream of dozens of environments.

The app gives you a realtime, up-close look at some of your favorite habitats. You can watch lazy walruses in Alaska or swimming sharks in the Atlantic Ocean. And you can’t forget the brown bears of Katmai National Park fishing during the salmon rush.

Whichever habitat you like best, check it out on Google Earth. Even if you’re not a huge animal buff, the natural ebb and flow of these environments running continuously on your screen is quite soothing.

Pokmon Go Anniversary

Pokmon Go: The game the world will never forget for making police departments and MTA workers post signs reminding people the world around them still exists IRL. It turned one year old this week.

To celebrate, players can wear Ash Ketchum’s hat to catch special Pikachus from now until July 24. There are also discount anniversary boxes with raid passes, ultra balls, max revives, and incubators. But that’s not all.

A number of cities will be hosting anniversary events. One in particular is Pokmon Go Fest at Chicago’s Grant Park on July 22. There will be new Pokmon that have never appeared in the park before, a new medal to add to your profile page, and of course three team lounges so you can relax with your fellow Insinct, Mystic, or Valor mates.

Be sure to check if your city is hosting an event, get out there, and keep collecting!


Zip across the skies in this pilot simulator.

Image: Airplane flight pilot simulation/itunes

Ever wanted to feel the thrill of flying a plane, but your lack of a pilot license means you’ll never be able to? Airplane Flight Pilot Simulation is a free iOS app that’s ready to take you into the sky.

You’ll have your choice of aircraft designs to zip through the 3D skies, for everything from leisure flights to rescue missions. The realistic flight physics, on-screen controls, and sound effects will really get you into the game. So hop in the cockpit and take off!

Turn one picture into three for your Instagram feed.

Image: Unsuared/itune

Panoramic pictures are fun and easy to create on your smartphone, and they provide a way to capture a huge portion of the space around you. But when you try to post your creations on Instagram, they either appear so small that you can’t really see what’s in the photo, or part of your cool view ends up getting cut off.

Unsquared, a free app, is here to take the stress out of posting panoramas. You just choose how many pieces you want your photo to be split into, do some cropping, and post away! It’s super easy and it’ll make you look like a professional on Instagram.

Gun down hordes of zombies from the safety of a military gunship.

Image: flare games

Keep the world safe from an undead menace by bringing an AC-130 gunship’s powerful arsenal to bear on the walking corpses. Building on the successes of the original game, Zombie Gunship Survival, a free app,introduces more hooks such as base-building to keep you invested in fending off the imminent apocalypse.

Keep all your travel plans together in one place.

Image: HelloGbye

Frequent travelers, this one’s for you. The free HelloGbye app helps you stay organized before, during, and after your trips. You can schedule travel plans, make changes to your itinerary, keep all your confirmation details in one place, manage budgets for solo and group trips, and take advantage of the app’s built-in search features to weed out less popular picks.

Paying subscribers enjoy additional benefits, including preferred hotel rates, no booking fees, and cash back on hotel stays.

Spice up your messaging apps.

Image: sticky ai/itunes

Last but not least is Sticky AI! It’s all about selfie stickers purely to add a little bit of fun to your messaging apps. You can use the app to make animated or still stickers. Then save the brightly colored comic or cartoon-style designs to your sticker pack to use in the future. Download Sticky AI and start having a little more fun with your social networks.

That’s all we’ve got for this week. But be sure to check back next week for all of your app-related updates.

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