Tina Fey stress-eats a cake and blasts Trump on SNL’s ‘Weekend Update: Summer Edition’

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Tina Fey didn’t like seeing racists march through her college town.

“It broke my heart to see these evil forces descend upon Charlottesville,” the University of Virginia graduate told Colin Jost on Weekend Update: Summer Edition.

Then she laid into Donald Trump.

“Donny John comes out and he says that he condemns violence on many sides, on many sides, Colin. I’m feeling sick because, you know, I have seen Raiders of the Lost Ark. I wasn’t confused by it. No, Colin, Nazis are always bad, I don’t care what you say.

“I have seen Raiders of the Lost Ark. I wasn’t confused by it”

When talking about a planned alt-right rally on Saturday in New York City, she encouraged protestors to fight back with carbohydrates.

“I would urge people this Saturday, instead of participating in the screaming matches and potential violence, find a local business you support, maybe a Jewish run bakery or African-American run bakery, and order a cake with the American flag on it, and just eat it.”

And so she did.

“Sheetcaking is a grassroots movement, Colin. Most of the women I know have been doing it once a week since the election.”

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