Tomi Lahren Lectured ‘Snowflakes’ About Holding A Job. It Didn’t Go Well.

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Tomi Lahren, who recently lost her jobas a commentator on Glenn Becks The Blaze network, blasted the snowflakes who walked out on Vice President Mike Pences commencement speech at the University of Notre Dame on Sunday.

In comments many found lacking in self-awareness given the very public spat she just had with her former employer, Lahren suggested the Notre Dame grads would struggle to hold a job.

Heres her initial tweet:

Last March, Lahren appeared on The View and declared hersupport for abortion rights. When the conservative network benched her, the two sides responded withpublic sniping and lawsuits.

Lahren and The Blaze settled earlier this month and she was released from her contract with the network.

As a result,her comments about snowflakes and holding a job drew a quick and sharp reaction:

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