Trump stared into the sun with no glasses and are you really surprised?

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Yo, shit's bright up there.
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File this under: things you definitely should NOT do.

Just about the first thing Donald Trump did when he walked out of the White House on Monday afternoon was look straight at the burning orb in the sky, no glasses, and point at it like, “y’all know that’s the sun up there? Shit.”

The thing with eclipses that you are not supposed to do, is you are not supposed to look directly at them without any protective glasses. Which, yes, is exactly what Trump did when he appeared on a White House balcony.

Donald did, in fact, pull out his special glasses to have a more lengthy look later, but it’s still funny.

No one should really be surprised that Trump gazed unprotected at the sun, and in fact a lot of people predicted he’d do exactly that.

Before long the gaffe was making front pages.

Maybe Fox News didn’t have any “don’t look at the eclipse without your glasses” segments, I dunno.

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