Unfortunate little boy swallows party horn, honks when he breathes

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Oh dear. This poor little boy got a rather nasty surprise after accidentally inhaling a whistle from a party horn. 

A video the 8-year-old unnamed boy from San Miguel de Tucuman in Argentina was posted by his doctor. It shows him honking every time he breaths in. 

Doctor Santiago Gomez Zuviría posted the video to raise awareness about toy safety and the risks children are exposed to. 

In the video, the poor little guy looks absolutely exasperated from the honking sound which he emits every time he breathes in. Who can blame him? 

Thankfully, the whistle was safely removed and the boy no longer makes that sound. 

PSA: Not to be tried at home.

Read more: http://mashable.com/2017/10/02/little-boy-swallows-whistle/

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